Celebrating Joel Kallman Day: Honoring a Remarkable Legacy

My laziest post EVER (all except the last chapter generated by ChatGPT)I marked all incorrect data like this Introduction On the second Tuesday of October, individuals from all corners of the world come together to celebrate Joel Kallman Day, a special occasion dedicated to honoring the memory and accomplishments of a remarkable individual. Joel Kallman, … Read more

ConTech by RoOUG 2022 

We’re always happy to help conferences with a mobile Conference App to use on their conferences. Most of all when the conference is small or new. It just feels good to help people out. Especially when these people share the same interest. For us that is Oracle in general and more specific APEX. We’re an … Read more

A good example of PLSQL-OO

I am a PL/SQL nerd. I love the language and what you can do with it. I consider myself a PL/SQL programmer first and only secondarily an APEX developer. For quite some time now I am highly in favour of using Object-Oriented techniques within packages but have difficulties convincing others to share that position. In … Read more

ODTUG Kscope22 preview, June 9th

A good tradition needs follow up. As you all know both Richard and Sergei are very active in the Oracle APEX community. We partner with the Oracle APEX development team, visit and speak at conferences, write blogs and what not. Over the past few years we organised the Kscope preview a number of times and … Read more

The kanban game for developers and business-analysts

It was March 2018 when Jasper Alblas and Frans Jacobs introduced me to a real nice way of explaining the advantages of Kanban within a Scrum environment. In the Agile world, Kanban and Scrum have been seen as separate frameworks / practices, but as we all know Scrum teams actually practive Kanban as well. With … Read more