Fully freeware APEX environment III: The APEX listener

This is post 3 in my series about a fully freeware CentOS Apex environment

Configure the APEX Listener

Your listener is deployed, but not yet configured. Go to http://localhost:8080/apex/listenerConfigure

We must set parameters in three tabs:

  1. Connection
    • Username: apex_public_user
    • Password: the password as set earlier for this user
    • Connection Type: Basic
    • Hostname: localhost
    • Port: 1521
    • SID: XE
  2. Security
    • Database Validation Function: wwv_flow_epg_include_modules.authorize
  3. Caching
    • Procedure Names: wwv_flow_file*
    • Maximum entries: 500

Click the “Apply” button after you made all changes. The page remembers the settings when you switch between tabs.

As you see I’m configuring from my Windows host towards the Linux guest (running VirtualBox).

Apex is now ready. Have a look at these links:

Creating a workspace:

You can create a workspace by going to : http://localhost:8080/apex

The ADMIN@INTERNAL password is the same as what you used for the SYS and SYSTEM “users” when installing Oracle XE.

That’s it.

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