making https (webservice) requests from PL/SQL without a wallet

While developing the application for my kscope15 presentation I discovered that my Oracle XE database is unable to handle the certificate for Linked-in. This has to do with the algorithm used to sign the Linked-in certificate. Oracle XE 11 has a bug that prevents it from handling the certificate correctly. The solution lies in creating … Read more

Fully freeware APEX environment VI: Oracle HTTP server (installation)

This is post 6 in my series about a fully freeware APEX installation: Information has been taken from The Oracle Install guidelines Shut down EPG The EPG is still running. To shut it down, open SQL*plus:conn conn system execute dbms_xdb.sethttpport(0); exit Prerequisits Make sure your system has enough memory (2 Gigs or more) We … Read more