The kanban game for developers and business-analysts

It was March 2018 when Jasper Alblas and Frans Jacobs introduced me to a real nice way of explaining the advantages of Kanban within a Scrum environment.

In the Agile world, Kanban and Scrum have been seen as separate frameworks / practices, but as we all know Scrum teams actually practive Kanban as well.

With this guide, The practice of Kanban within Scrum is formalized without adding or deducting anything from Scrum or Kanban, but recognising the strength of using both.

We probably can learn a lot and improve our Kanban practices, so that’s why I proposed to do a Kanban workshop, so we can look at this guide and see how we can improve flow, focus and  collaboration using Kanban.

Please download the file below

2018 Kanban Guide for Scrum Teams_0