ODTUG Kscope22 preview, June 9th

A good tradition needs follow up.

As you all know both Richard and Sergei are very active in the Oracle APEX community. We partner with the Oracle APEX development team, visit and speak at conferences, write blogs and what not.

Over the past few years we organised the Kscope preview a number of times and since the brothers are accepted with their talks on the main event in Texas this year we decided that we should organise a preview this year.

We managed to get the cooperation of all Dutch presenters and even a couple of international speakers from the main event.

The event will be held at the SMART4Solutions HQ in Bois le Duc (This really is the proper English translation for ‘s Hertgenbosch).
We have lots of parking spaces available.


Time Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
17:00 Arrivals and Food
18:00 Keynote by the ODTUG chairman: Tim German
18:15 The Things You Can Do Between Static and Dynamic SQL
Kim Berg Hansen (Trivadis)
Start Your Engines! Tips for More Efficient Development in APEX
Dimitri Gielis (APEX R&D)
Real life ORDS; REST in pieces
Roel Hartman (APEX Consulting)
19:15 Scripting in SQLcl – You can never have enough of a good thing
Erik van Roon (evrocs)
Oracle Database 12c, 18, 19 for Developers
Alex Nuijten (AllApex)
Get your money’s worth out of your Database
Patrick Barel (Qualogy)
20:15 Kickoff Terraform CI / CD into the Oracle Cloud
Michel Schildmeijer (Qualogy)
APEX’s Classis Report: The power of no template
Richard Martens (Smart4solutions)
21:00 Drinks and social
22:00 The End