Installation and configuration

Since Oracle is always advising to use the XE database it seemed only logical to try and see what the possiblities are, and how they compare. For those interested, this post shows the outcome of  my quick survey.

1. Use the download provided by Oracle

a. Install VM (VirtualBox)
b. Import machine
c.  A working environment: enjoy!
– free software
– quick and easy to use with minimal effort
– setup as a training environment complete with tutorial, you can get started immediately…
– Since it is a ready-made environment, you miss out on learning about the technical background stuff
2. Windows install
– Windows OS is familiar to most, and most often used by customers as OS platform for developer machines.
– Windows OS is either expensive, or illegal (though WE don’t do that of course)…
– Oracle can slow down your system, particularly on startup, due to resources needed to startup system and database, memory usage, etc.
3. Linux install (1): Ubuntu
a. Install Ubuntu
b. install packages needed to run Oracle Universal Installer
c. install Oracle Database (XE/Enterprise, depending on your needs and preferences)
d. Install Apex
e. Install Development tools as needed
– free platform
– lots of possibilities to learn (Specifically about Linux installs – if you haven’t had a lot of experience with these yet)
– this particular configuration will not appear on your workplace very often
4. Linux (2): Oracle Ubreakable Linux
a. install Oracle Unbreakable Linux (a RedHat derivative)
b. Install + configure Oracle database (XE/Enterprise, afhankelijk van wat je nodig denkt te hebben)
c. Install missing packages (these are requested by Oracle installer)
d. Install and configure Apex.
e. Install development tools as needed.
This installation scenario resembles many, if not most, of the profession Oracle environments you will encounter
– free platform (though database license required when you are using Enterprise Edition and your setup is be used for production)


– this is NOT a simple scenario.

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