A computer on the Internet is identified by its IP address. In order to avoid address conflicts, IP addresses are publicly registered with the Network Information Centre (NIC). Computers on private TCP/IP LANs however do not need public addresses, since they do not need to be accessed by the public. For this reason, the NIC has reserved certain addresses that will never be registered publicly. These are known as private IP addresses, and are found in the following ranges:

  • From to
  • From to
  • From to


Well.. First of all I must say that I don;t know how legal all this is… On the other hand I do have all the licenses, but my extension supplier (InterAkt) has been taken over by Adobe and don’t provide support on the extensions anymore.

I really learnt to love them, I cannot do without them.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Create a directory-structure where you are going to store all the files to be transferred. For example
    • D:DW8Transfer
    • D:DW8TransferProgram Files
    • D:DW8TransferProgram FilesCommon Files
    • D:DW8TransferWindows
    • D:DW8TransferWindowsSystem32
    • D:DW8TransferwindowsprofilesAll Users
  2. start regedit and export the key:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Macromedia
    • Save the file as D:DW8Transfermacromedia.reg
  3. Copy the folder Macromedia from C:Program Files to D:DW8TransferProgram Files
  4. Copy the folder Macromed from C:WindowsSystem32 to D:DW8Transferwindowssystem32 (yes Macromed and not Macromedia)
  5. Copy the folder Macromedia from C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication Data to D:DW8TransferwindowsprofilesAll Users
  6. Copy the folder Macromedia from C:Program FilesCommon Files to D:DW8TransferProgram FilesCommon Files
  7. Copy the contents of the D:DW8Transfer folder into the C: drive of your new machine. All stuff should get copied into the correct folders on the target filesystem.
  8. Import the reg file on the target machine.

You should be able to run Dreamweaver now.