SQL developer won’t connect to Apex listener 2.x

Wow, I broke my brains over this for the last three days.

I installed the apex listener as mentioned in the manual. It mentions you can use Java 6 Update 20 JDK or later.

However, what they mean is that you should use Java 6 JDK, and you can use update 20 or later.

What I did in my stupidity is to use Java 7. That’s later then Java 6 upd 20 right?


If you use Java 7 your listener might work (which was the case in my situation) but connecting to it using SQL Developer is a “no go” 🙁

Be warned.

regards, Richard

2 thoughts on “SQL developer won’t connect to Apex listener 2.x”

  • Hi Richard,
    Oh that’s a weird, otherwise what error message was show to you by SQL Developer while connecting?
    My machine is installed with Java jdk1.6.0_12, will SQL Developer 3.2 be able to connect with Apex Listener 2.0.5? As presently I’m not able to connect, the SQL Developer throws back an error stating ‘HTTP/1.1 404 unauthorized’.

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