Item-plugins and focusing the cursor on the first item

I’ve discovered that if you use an item-plugin for the first item of a page and the property ‘Cursor Focus’ is set to ‘First item on a page’ the cursor will not be focused at the first item on the page but on the first item that is not an item-plugin.

It looks like that item-plugins are not taking into account when the cursor should be focused on the first item on the page. APEX will add first_field('<name of the first item that's not a item-plugin>'); to  the code that will be executed  when the page loads.

Workaround: set the property ‘Cursor focus’ to ‘Do not focus cursor’ and add first_field('<name first item>'); to the property ‘Execute when page loads’ of the page.

I’ve got a reaction from Patrick Wolf by e-mail that i want to share:

A better approach is to change the item-plugin: the item-plugin has to set is_navigable to true in the render result record to support the “First item on page” feature.

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