In my ongoing quest for freeware in combination with Oracle Apex I gave Oracle Unbreakable linux another try when I heard that you _are_ able to update/upgrade it using yum, without a support identifier.

First we install Oracle Unbreakable Linux here

I opted for the 64 bit version and installed a minimal version in my VirtualBox environment.

  • 2048 Mb memory
  • 32 Gb Harddisk
  • 2 CPU’s
  • 2 Network cards
    • Adapter 1: “NAT”
    • Adapter 2: “Host Only”

When the installer asks for the computername you should make the networkcards connect automatically:

On the bottom left you can select “Configure Network”

Select each of the network cards (eth0 and eth1) and click “Edit”

The trick is in selecting the “Connect automatically” checkbox. check it for both cards.

Continue the rest of the installer normally. Choose the “Minumal” install

After the installation log in as root.

mount /dev/dvd /mnt
cd /mnt/Packages
rpm -ivh wget #(and press the tab-key)
rpm -ivh nano #(and press the tab-key)
cd /etc/yum.repos.d
nano /etc/yum.conf

We now need to enable yum by adding an extra line to the configuration file:


That should do the trick. Test it out by issueing

yum update

5 thoughts on “update Oracle Linux without CSI

    • Hi,

      I don’t know how often things are updated. I recon it’ll be quite ok. on the subject of buying the OEL, what about actual support. The EOL is more than update alone.


    • Yes, Errata is all free now from Oracle. However, you don’t actually get support with this. Moreover, you loose the ability to use included components with a paid support contract such as Enterprise Manager, OpsCenter, and Indemnification…

      • Chris,

        I understand and even stipulate this!

        My blog entry however is for development and investigation purposes.


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