APEX + jQueryMobile + EURO 2012 Championship = Lots’s of Fun

euro-2012-official-logo-transp Tonight (CET) the European Football Championship kicks off. As with every EURO or World Championship I’m organizing a predicting game where you (Yes, you too!) can bet on match results FifApex. And again, the website is build with Oracle Application Express. New this year: I created a mobile version of FifApex (m.fifapex.net) with APEX and the jQuery Mobile framework. If you want to know how I’ve done this, come visit my presentation at the ODTUG KScope12 conference in San Antonio, Texas, end of this month. Meanwhile, register for FifApex, enter our predictions, and maybe you will be one of the winners of the prizes …




BTW: if you missed the first games: you still can enter the competition AND, from my experience, I can tell you: there is not a lot football/soccer knowledge required for a good ranking ;-).

Source Article from http://rokitta.blogspot.com/2012/06/apex-jquerymobile-euro-2012.html
APEX + jQueryMobile + EURO 2012 Championship = Lots’s of Fun
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