Inside APEX it’s possible to specify ‘Page Items to Submit’:

  • Within the action of the type ‘Execute PL/SQL-code’ of a dynamic action.
  • Within a region of the type ‘Interactive report’ or ‘Classic Report’.

The listed page items will be submitted to the server and thus available to use within your ‘PL/SQL-code’ or ‘Source’.
When you’re using a page item the ‘Session State Protection’ of this item must be ‘Unrestricted’.  If you use another setting,  par example ‘Checksum Required – Application Level’, the following Javascript-error will occur:

Error: JSON.parse: unexpected character
Source: http://localhost:8585/i/javascript/apex_4_1.min.js
Line: 16

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <      apex_4_1.min.js:16

2 thoughts on “Page items to submit & Session state protection: error ‘JSON.parse: unexpected character’ (Firefox) / ‘Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token’ (Chrome)

  1. Tim,

    Richard Teunissen is no longer a member.

    To elobarate on this:

    It’s logical you get an exception here. When an item is restricted, it cannot be set through javascript. That’s what you want it restricted for. However, an ajax call is also a javascript “set”, and therefore will be prohibited.

    I agree that the description is a bit cryptic..


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