Unable to login or run an application after applying APEX 4.1.1 patch set?

Patrick Wolf blogged about this, but I’d like to have it available here as well:

If you get the error Workspace “[workspace name]” is inactive. Contact your administrator. when you try to login into your workspace or when you run an application, then you should run the following script to fix the status of your workspaces.

  • Connect as SYS, SYSTEM, APEX_040100 or any user who has the APEX_ADMINISTRATOR_ROLE role
  • Run the following PL/SQL script:
      for l_workspace in ( select short_name
                           from   apex_040100.wwv_flow_companies
                           where  account_status='AVAILABLE' )
      end loop;

Note: This problem only occurs for workspaces which have been created on the command line with the apex_instance_admin.add_workspace procedure. Workspaces which have been created through the UI should be fine.

The problem has been filed as bug# 13769526 and will get fixed in the next version of APEX. Thanks to Dimitri who notified us about the problem.

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