How to find the right internal message used by APEX to translate

By using Shared Components->Text Messages it’s possible to translate internal messages used by APEX.

See for a more detailed description of translating internal messages. The list that’s given is not complete.

How can you find the internal message you need to translate when it’s not in the list as mentioned above? You can find the internal message by looking in the table ‘WWV_FLOW_MESSAGES$’.


I wanted to translate the message ‘Password Expired’ that is issued by the procedure ‘apex_authentication.login’ (see the process ‘Login’ of the default login-page (101) that’s created when creating a new application) when a password is entered that is expired.

Because the message that I needed was not mentioned in the list I looked in the table ‘WWV_FLOW_MESSAGES$’. I found the message ‘PASSWORD_EXPIRED’ but that it’s not the message I must use to translate ‘Password Expired’. Instead of the message ‘PASSWORD_EXPIRED’ the message ‘F4500_P2613_EXPIRED’ should be used. So the table ‘WWV_FLOW_MESSAGES$’ contains two messages with the text ‘Password Expired’ and at first I was using the wrong one.

Another example:

To translate the hint-text ‘Calendar’ of the image of the datepicker you’ll find 4 messages that contains the text ‘Calendar’: ‘CALENDAR_TYPE’, ‘F4000.CALENDAR’, ‘WWV_FLOW_UTILITIES.CAL’ and ‘APEXIR_CALENDAR’. I’ve tried all four and ‘CALENDAR_TYPE’ is the message to use.

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