Warp11 Apex plugins available

Today I published the plugins we’ve written to the plugin-library at www.apex-plugin.com.

  1. Warp11 CSS Menu
    The menu is based upon Jessica Wilson’s drop-down menu, but has unlimited levels and more control on the styles used. We also used a different JQuery plugin
  2. Warp11 GMaps item
    The item shows a Google map with some buttons within the application-builder to play around with

You can have a look at www.apex-plugin.com .


4 thoughts on “Warp11 Apex plugins available”

  • Stefan Luckerbauer says:

    Thanks for this good Google Maps plugin!

    The addresses are added one after the other after rendering (about 2 per second).
    But what if i want to show more than 1000 addresses?
    Do i have to wait several minutes until all addresses are added or is there a possibility to show all addresses at once?


    • Richard Martens says:

      @Stefan Luckerbauer,


      Good that you found our blog as well. 🙂

      There’s not much I can do for you here.. The plugin only puts some Javascript into the browser.
      Are other pages also slow?
      Is there another possibility (maybe showing less addresses?)

      Let me know.


  • Stefan Luckerbauer says:

    No i want to show about 5000 addresses on a map!
    The problem is that by default each marker is added in the map one after the other.
    There is Marker Manager Funktion in the Google API for that.

    Also there is a new version of the jquery $.goMap (1.3.0) that you are using in your apex plugin.
    This version would support Markerclusterer that clusters together close markers.


    Maybe this is worth an update of your apex plugin?

  • Hi,
    At the apex-plugin site you link out to a demo which is very nice. Is there any possibility of sharing the code for the demo so we can look at exactly how the page items and parameters are set up.

    Pat Miller

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